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Study Permits
& Visas​​​

Accepting you into a democratic and progressive society where newcomers are welcome to share in the country’s prosperity.

To qualify for a study permit, you will typically need to demonstrate that you have been accepted by a recognized educational institution.

You should also have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses and provide evidence of your intent to return to your home country after completing your studies.

It is essential to consult with our experienced immigration lawyers to ensure you meet all the criteria.

A Gateway to Excellence
and Opportunity

With a vast network of high quality public and private schools, Canada ranks as one of the world’s best-educated nations.

Canada has more than 100 colleges and Universities to cater for its populace. Primary and secondary education is free.

College and University education is heavily subsidized with more than 80% of tuition costs paid by the government in most provinces.

This makes Canada’s workforce one of the world’s most educated and highly skilled.

40% of Canada’s workforce has a college diploma. That’s more than the United States, Australia, Germany, Britain and France.

Extending Your Educational Journey

If you are currently studying in a foreign country and wish to extend your stay beyond the validity of your existing study permit, you may be required to apply for a study permit extension or renewal. 

At our immigration law firm, we have extensive experience in helping students navigate the complexities of extending their study permits, ensuring they can continue their education without any disruptions.

The process of extending or renewing a study permit typically involves providing updated documentation, including proof of ongoing enrollment and sufficient funds to cover your expenses. 

It is essential to initiate the extension or renewal process well in advance of the expiry date of your current study permit to avoid any gaps in your legal status.

Our team of immigration lawyers will assist you throughout the extension or renewal process, helping you gather the necessary paperwork, filling out the required forms accurately, and submitting the application within the specified timeframes. 

We understand the significance of your educational journey and will work diligently to ensure a smooth transition from one study permit to another.

Abundant jobs and business opportunities abound in Canada and

the door is open for Business people to immigrate and fill these vacancies.

Navigating the Path to Educational Opportunities

When it comes to pursuing education abroad, understanding the process of obtaining a study permit and visa is crucial. 

At our immigration law firm, we specialize in assisting students like you in achieving their dreams of studying in foreign countries. 

It is important to note that a study permit is different from a visa. While a study permit permits you to study, a visa grants you entry into the country. 

In many cases, obtaining a study permit is a prerequisite for obtaining a student visa.


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